Project Details

Ravenswood School for Girls is a Uniting Church, Kindergarten to Year 12 Day and Boarding School located at Gordon on the North Shore of Sydney. EPM was introduced to Ravenswood by its brother school, Knox Grammar, and commenced working in partnership with Ravenswood in 2017. Following an initial body of work, providing Ravenswood with strategic advice in connection with its property holding opportunities, EPM was engaged for Project Management services in 2018.

EPM’s project management services currently extend across 2 projects:

  • A new Student Learning Centre (SLC)
  • A new Modular Classroom Building

The major project is the SLC that will provide the school with a brand new facility containing 9 new classrooms with associated breakout areas, staff areas, collaboration space, and lockers. The SLC will provide a seamless transition from the adjacent playing oval into the lower ground floor of the building that will also serve as an indoor/outdoor activity space linking the 2 areas. Careful and deliberate planning of the spatial arrangement of the SLC allows for multiple points of ingress and egress to the surrounding areas allowing for connectivity to outdoor learning & recreation spaces as well as adjacent learning facilities. The project will have a construction cost in the order of $10M and is subject of a very compressed programme requiring full design, competitive tender, and construction to be completed over a 15 month period ready in early Term 1 of 2020.

The new Modular Classroom will provide the school with 2 classrooms for general learning and will be positioned on the Cecil Street frontage to the school to take advantage of a space that is currently underutilised. The modular construction is over 2 levels and will provide both a very modern and contemporary look as well as the latest in acoustic, thermal, and durable materials available to the market. The project will have a construction cost of $0.45M and will be undertaken in the 1st half of the 2019 academic year.

Across both projects EPM’s services have included strategic advice, town planning research and gaining of approval pursuant to the provisions of various Environmental Planning Instruments, design management, contractor procurement, construction phase project management, and the role of Superintendent under the head contract. In addition to these services, EPM have commenced work in connection with consolidation and rationalisation of the school’s masterplan in the 1st quarter of the 2019 academic year. This will serve to best capitalise on the projects currently underway and how these projects will fold into the proposed changing fabric of Ravenswood in the years to come.