Our Services

Facilities Management

Outcomes aimed at assisting clients with the design, operation and stewardship of their built assets, and the development of their facilities teams.

Asset Management

EPM supports the need for effective and thorough property and facilities asset management plans in tracking, managing, and costing assets over their useful lives across both capital and operating budgets.

Preventative Maintenance Schedules

EPM works with clients to deliver a “living” schedule of preventative maintenance that will reduce the need for rushed and expensive reactive works. Insourced and outsourced works are included, along with internal staff resource scheduling and relevant external contractor details.

Operational Planning & Facilities Team Management

EPM provides customised training to aide the development of our clients’ facilities teams in enabling them to successfully carry out their day-to-day, often behind the scenes, tasks in line with the organisation’s strategic goals.

Asset Condition Audits

EPM manages the process to procure building, plant and equipment, condition audits to assist clients in mitigating risk, meeting code, allocating budget, procuring services and achieving best practice.

Budgeting & Forecasting

It is essential that a Facilities Manager works to deliver complete, and well informed, budgets and forecasts to an organisation’s Business Team. EPM can assist with the development of these tools by monitoring, analysing, coding, and reporting related expenditure across recurrent or capital budgets – to bring clarity around various cost aspects of running a site.

Incident Management

EPM will scope and manage investigations into incidents involving the failure of plant and equipment and urgent repairs to restore operations.

Tendering & Procurement

EPM identifies, assesses, negotiates and facilitates the appointment of experienced and capable contractors and suppliers in finding the right “fit” for your site, and provides helpful strategies to manage each discipline.

New Construction Consulting

EPM will improve the quality of a new facility and the efficiency of its operation by critiquing the design as it evolves through the eyes of an experienced Facilities Manager, which will reduce operating and maintenance costs.