Our Services

Master Planning

Experienced in working alongside schools and residential communities in delivering a reliable and robust Master Plan to enable vision, mission and strategy.

Consultant Procurement

EPM will facilitate the engagement of all consultants required for the preparation of the Master Plan. These consultants will assist with the needs analysis, mapping of development constraints and opportunities, and informing the Master Plan Brief.

Stakeholder Consultation

EPM will facilitate the appointment of, and manage, a consultant to undertake Stakeholder Consultation, following input from the client’s Board and Executive on who the key stakeholders are.

Constraints & Opportunities Analysis

EPM will enable an analysis that considers physical, operational, legislative, environmental, and land title constraints whilst also considering statutory approval pathways that minimise cost, time and restrictive conditions.

Master Plan Brief

EPM will gather all relevant information to form the Master Plan Brief and review this with the client to match expectations, and review cost estimates for the staged implementation of the Master Plan.

Master Plan Architect Appointment

Depending on the preferred method of appointing the Master Plan Architect (either direct negotiation, a conventional tender process, or a paid competition), EPM will manage the process accordingly.

Master Plan

EPM will work in partnership with the appointed Master Plan Architect to prepare the Master Plan. Cost planning, feasibility and cashflow modelling will be considered throughout to assist clients in making informed decisions about development timing.