Our Services

Project Management

A consistent track record of successful project delivery.

Design Management

EPM assembles a team of experienced professionals under comprehensive briefs and implements a process that makes designers accountable to produce design documentation that is complete, accurate and coordinated.

Statutory Approvals

EPM has a comprehensive understanding of the environmental planning legislation and framework which makes EPM very effective in developing strategies to obtain approvals.

Tender & Negotiation

EPM identifies experienced and capable contractors and prepares, invites, assesses and negotiates tenders through a transparent yet robust procurement process.

Contract Administration

EPM is very experienced and highly effective in contract administration and adopts advanced contract administration systems and processes.

Cost Management

EPM is highly skilled in managing and reporting about the cost of a project to give clients peace of mind about what a project will cost well in advance of completion.


EPM has significant expertise in developing project delivery methodologies and programmes that keep our clients informed at every milestone in the project.

Block Grant Authority Applications

EPM regularly assists non-government schools with their Block Grant Authority applications to secure financial assistance for their projects. Please refer to the Block Grant Authority Client Communique for information on how EPM can assist.