Northern Beaches Christian School – Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning

Project Details


In 2005, Northern Beaches Christian School established SCIL – Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning – as a research and development unit, focused on continually improving education. EPM was invited to manage the construction of the SCIL Project at a point when the school became concerned about the significant risks posed by the Project. This included risk associated with the cost of the Project, quality and time. EPM developed a strategy for the orderly delivery of the Project, renegotiated the commercial terms with the building contractor, developed and implemented a new methodology for the staged delivery of the Project, and put in place a process to address quality.

Project Stats


  • Project Cost: $20.0 Million
  • Completed 2010


Client Reference


“…I would recommend that any organisation that is considering a construction project consider engaging epm…”


Alan Schultz
General Manager


“…NBCS and SCIL have a long association with EPM that stretches back over ten years…”


Stephen Harris