Barker College – Sports and Learning Precinct

Project Details


Barker College engaged EPM in 2017 to provide project management services for a new development at its campus in Hornsby, New South Wales. Following the procurement of a Complying Development Certificate, EPM is leading the project through design development to construction and eventual practical completion.


The project includes the completion of a new three storey sporting facility, which consists of two fitness centres, classrooms, staff rooms, a carpark, and five multi-purpose playing courts. This building is the flagship structure in Barker College, and the school intends the facility to be used not only as a celebration of sport, but large whole of school gatherings throughout the year.


This project is not without challenges, which are primarily associated with delivering the facility in time for Barker College’s expansion to a fully co-educational school by 2022. To achieve this, the project has been split into an ‘Early Works’ package, comprising the demolition and bulk excavation, and ‘Main Works’ package, comprising of the remaining building works. The two packages of works will be carried out by two individual contractors, which necessitates the need for precise management and integration of the Early Works package into the Main Works. The sports facilities within are required to meet specific sporting requirements, which present key design criteria and performance standards that need to be seamlessly incorporated into a usable and functional building for staff and students alike.


EPM Planning has played a pivotal role in the progress of this project. Having identified the potential for a Complying Development Certificate, EPM Planning steered Barker College through the numerous requirements and conditions necessary to carry out complying development. This allowed the development to achieve very significant savings in time and cost. This has proved crucial in enabling the project to be proceed according to timetable.

Project Stats


  • Completion Date: December 2019