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FeasoPoint is a platform developed by EPM that enables us to provide our clients with Opinions of Probable Feasibility for projects under various development scenarios. FeasoPoint adopts residual land value and discounted cashflow methods to model the potential financial performance of development options and the corresponding risk profiles. The reports that we provide to clients through FeasoPoint are highly informative. FeasoPoint can be applied across a wide range of development sectors including residential, retirement living, aged care, health and education. Whether you are developing and selling property, or holding and operating property on a long-term basis, EPM can assist with your understanding and decision making about property acquisition and development.

*Opinions of Probable Feasibility provided through FeasoPoint are provided as a guide only. The actual feasibility of a project will depend on the conditions of the market at the time of purchase, among other things. No warranty is provided that the opinions or conclusions expressed in Opinions of Probable Feasibility are accurate.