Development Management

The knowledge & experience to unlock the potential of property.

Property Search Studies

EPM has a consistent track record in identifying, evaluating and negotiating property acquisitions and leases.

Highest & Best Use Studies

The blend of skills, experience, systems and network of industry experts enables EPM to ascertain the highest and best use of property.

Property Acquisition Due Diligence Studies

EPM has the experience and knowledge that enables us to be highly effective in scoping and managing property acquisition due diligence studies.

Development Feasibility Studies

EPM is highly experienced in managing studies to test the development capacity of land, and in managing feasibility studies to inform property development decisions.

InfoPoint is an advanced document management, project cost management and contract administration system. It facilitates the organisation of all types of information in a secure and robust environment that is accessible through the Internet. InfoPoint enables EPM to reliably manage document revision control and distribution. InfoPoint enables EPM to be highly efficient and mobile which in turn makes EPM highly effective for clients.