Why Health by EPM?

Our approach has been shaped through extensive experience in providing property services to healthcare clients.  We have learned what it takes to deliver the outcome clients expect. The healthcare industry is home to a variety of property service providers, however, we are unique, having been on the ‘receiving end’. We have experience not only in the delivery of project management services to healthcare clients, but also as client representative delivering property services for a leading Australian health care group. We understand what works, what doesn’t and why.

We recognise that health professionals are the true experts in how health facilities work best, and understand optimum outcomes rely on input from multiple stakeholders.  We also recognise that no single expert can be fully across all aspects of a health facility.

For this reason, we work closely with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their requirements and to inform design principles which meet their operational and strategic objectives.  We listen, process and synthesise information through in-house expertise, and we deliver property services that meet a client’s requirements safely, on time and on budget.


We ensure a well-managed design process, providing each client representative with the level of input and consultation that they require.  Through each gateway, we maintain focus on efficient workflows to achieve successful operational objectives for our clients. Vendor equipment and building services design integration is critical.  Where and when appropriate, peer review resources are procured to facilitate timely delivery of a fit-for-purpose facility.

We understand the importance for staff and health professionals to feel supported.  We also recognise that positive patient experience leaves a lasting impression on our client’s customer.

As the client’s agent, we challenge the design team on matters including value for money, design suitability, flexibility and future growth. We utilise processes and systems which focus on achieving statutory compliance, health facility guidelines and licencing. We keep the design in-check as we approach critical milestones.


We have extensive experience in matters concerning the safety, privacy and protection of staff and patients during construction in live, open-for-business environments, and we believe that regular site inspections by the designer is fundamental to ensuring quality standards, compliance and licencing obligations are met at the business end of the project. Our robust processes and systematic approach work in tandem to ensure quality issues, defects and variations are minimised upon project completion.

Commissioning, user acceptance testing & handover

We understand that end-users of a facility, the medical professionals, staff, patients and customers, have more important matters to deal with than property-related defects or design issues. We make the handover, go-live and ongoing operation of each facility more streamlined by providing a building report to complement the O&M manuals.  Our objective is to show where clients can turn to for help to allow their staff to focus on what they do best.

Our commitment is an unwavering drive to act in the best interest of our clients. Our vision is that you, our clients, will choose Health by epm over everyone else.

This is our commitment.

We’re passionate about our health, and we’re here for you.

Matt Dixon
Director of Health Property