Charitable Sponsorship at EPM

One of our core values is care. This means caring for our clients, caring for our staff, and caring for the wider community. We do not think that care is something that can just be thought; it must be lived – anyone can have a big heart, but to truly care is to have big hands. EPM believes in building a better world, and to prove this has a policy of donating 2% of our annual profit to charitable organisations to provide assistance to those in need. EPM made donations to over 40 different charitable causes within Australia and abroad.

Brush With Kindness Program – NSW, Australia

The Brush with Kindness program provides assistance to disadvantaged and isolated members of the community who do not have the means and ability to maintain safe living conditions. As part of our ongoing sponsorship of the program, EPM was afforded the opportunity to partake in a volunteering day in April 2015.


The project was a resounding success, and all staff relished the opportunity to get out of the office and see first-hand the impact that the donation of their time and money made to the community.


Further information about the Brush with Kindness Program can be found at the Habit For Humanity Website:

Resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons – Bitung Province, Indonesia

EPM’s other core donation was allocated to a home rebuilding program in Bitung, Indonesia. Between 1999 and 2002, North Maluku suffered ethno-religious conflicts which spread across the entire region, and displaced over 150,000 people. Despite the ongoing efforts of Habitat For Humanity in re-settling over 230 families, a survey of the Bitung area in 2010 found approximately 2,000 people still displaced and living in settlements in the region.


Further information about the Bitung Province IDP Project can be found at the Habitat For Humanity Website:

Emergency Disaster Relief

EPM’s donation policy also includes an allowance to be maintained for emergency disaster relief. In 2014-2015, EPM was able to make significant donations to the Ebola crisis, the Vanuatu cyclone appeal, and several donations relating to the Nepal earthquake disaster.


One such donation involved the sponsorship of a team of engineers at TTW, an industry colleague of EPM’s, to design and rebuild new earthquake resistant schools in Nepal. Further information on the program can be found at the Australian Himalayan Foundation website:

Corporate Sponsorship

In the 3 years to June 2017 EPM proudly donated to the following charities:

  • Alphacrucis
  • Australia for UNHCR
  • Bondi Sounds
  • Compassion Australia
  • DRY July Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • MCGRATH Foundation
  • Movember Foundation
  • Multiple Sclerosis Limited
  • TwiceDoctor
  • World Vision

If you have a charitable cause that you think EPM may be interested in donating to, feel free to contact us!