Project Details

Alcatel-Lucent lease 2 levels of an office building at 215 Spring St, Melbourne. In 2013, Alcatel-Lucent engaged EPM as project manager to assemble and lead a project team to develop concept design for a reconfiguration of this space, which would allow Alcatel to vacate one of the levels and consolidate onto one floor. EPM managed the team to develop scope to suit Alcatel’s requirements, which included the provision of a new reception, the infill of an interconnecting stair, and modifications to showers and bathrooms. The scope of works was carefully cost planned to match Alcatel’s budget for the works. Subsequently in 2014, Alcatel asked EPM to proceed to manage the project through design documentation, statutory and lessor approvals, tendering, and construction. EPM’s role included liaison with Alcatel-Lucent’s external IT provider to co-ordinate the scope and timing of a cutover of a main communications room whilst ensuring continuity of operations. Construction was completed in November 2014.

Project Stats

  • Project Cost: $0.2 Million

  • Completed